HALIS personnel have a long history of managing government-sector projects for federal, state, and local agencies. Our experience includes the negotiation and execution of contracts for numerous Corps of Engineers districts, Department of Conservation, Division of Water, Abandoned Mine Lands, and local governments.

Our government support can generally be characterized as either wide area or corridor mapping. In the case of wide area mapping, our LiDAR sensor is typically mounted in a fixed wing aircraft for the acquisition of elevation point clouds to support accuracies associated with 1' or 2' contour mapping for projects similar in size to a typical city or county. For corridor mapping, the most common acquisition platform for HALIS is a helicopter. In either case, we acquire both LIDAR and imagery data in the same flight, guaranteeing that features such as water levels are the same in all data sources delivered.

HALIS has successfully completed numerous projects covering wide areas, including municipalities, watersheds, and others. Corridor and smaller-site surveys have included levee systems, impoundments, and stream restoration projects. Deliveries often include LiDAR elevation data, contours, planimetrics, GIS datasets and FGDC-compliant metadata.

  • Wide Area or Corridor Mapping
  • LIDAR Elevation Data
  • Planimetrics (Roads, Structures, etc)
  • CADD or GIS Deliverables
  • FGDC-compliant metadata
  • Imagery

115 Westridge Industrial Blvd. Suite 150
McDonough, GA, 30253

President: Geoffrey Sease

Vice President: Jeremy Mullins CP, PLS, GISP