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In June 2010 Geoffrey Sease was part of the startup group for Metro Geospatial LLC, a LiDAR and imagery acquisition company dedicated to serving the ever expanding geospatial community. In October 2016, the decision was made to rebrand the company as HALIS to better represent the services offered by our company. HALIS (High Accuracy LiDAR and Imagery Solutions) was trademarked in 2010 and has served as an internal reminder of the qualities and service that we strive to achieve for our clients since company inception.

HALIS provides high accuracy LiDAR and Imagery data acquisition and geospatial services utilizing our co-mounted LiDAR and Digital Camera System. Our unique design is easily adaptable for helicopter or fixed wing platforms, and we routinely complete projects using both within the scope of a single week. With our newest addition of an oblique imaging sensor, we can now acquire high accuracy mapping data, ortho imagery, and obliques in a single flight, drastically reducing the costs typically associated with full data acquisition.

Utilizing our helicopter platforms, our approach supports the generation of elevation data accurate to better than 0.1’ (RMSE) and imagery with 3” pixel resolution for support of high-level design engineering, or small-site 1’ or 2’ contour mapping. From our fixed-wing platforms, we can easily generate 1’ or 2’ contour mapping with 3” or 6” imagery for larger projects.

We have successfully completed projects in the Transportation, Federal, Energy, Environmental, and Municipal markets utilizing the HALIS® methodology. Our experience delivering high accuracy products provides our clients the highest level of quality and satisfaction resulting in a heavy rate of return clients. We strongly believe that our equipment, knowledge, and personnel make us highly qualified to provide a variety of solutions for the geospatial industry.

Geoffrey Sease

Jeremy Mullins, CP PLS GISP
Vice President

Robby Jones
Director of Acquisition

Terrence Davis
GeoSpatial Production Manager

115 Westridge Industrial Blvd. Suite 150
McDonough, GA, 30253

President: Geoffrey Sease

Vice President: Jeremy Mullins CP, PLS, GISP

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